Travel tips for you

1. If you are going to have a bicycle trip, please note the following:
Select a paved road or mountain bike depending on the route of the trip
More than expensive branded tires are lightweight titanium, aluminum and carbon framed
Install white light on the front and rear lights
Brake integrity
Install a signal bell or a sound picker
Choose the right tire for your age and weight
2. Things to consider when traveling on a family trip:
If moisture is matched with infants and young children
Sun cream, shift sun hat
Hand sanitizer liquid
A portable freezer is a must for young children
Allergic and analgesic
Painful candles and medicines
Do not give too much liquid to the child for too long
Whenever you are traveling, record the number of people
3. Things to consider on hiking:
Plan the itinerary carefully
Examine your health and well-being, and take a trip to the doctor if necessary
Make a travel plan
Explore the features and climates of the cruises
Tell the nearest route and the expiration date
Calculate the risks during the trip and ensure preparatory preparations
Prepare a waterproof, protective clothing that does not prevent you from moving
Choose a lightweight and ankle boots
Choose a quill because the pillow is cool
Take the rod and the back of the bar
Take a bath and shower, sunscreen, sun cream, lip polish, raincoat, sun hat and other medicines for the needs of the day.
Walk on foot for 20 to 30 minutes and keep your body healthy and avoid getting blood circulation
Eat well, drink 3-5 liters per day
Spotting is not too close to rest and time-lapse planning